A French specialist in no-mould plastics manufacturing

Our technology offers real advantages, for short and medium production runs.

Boitier plastique REVOLUPLAST

Revoluplast, a French specialist in plastic working and machining since 1990, designs and produces all types of casings, claddings and plastic parts with no moulds and to your measurements.

For short and medium runs, our technology is an excellent alternative to plastic injection moulding for producing a plastic casing or housing, for example, and offers numerous advantages:

  • Contact and a quote within 48 - 72 hours
  • A simplified design in line with your specifications, with or without a drawing
  • Little up-front investment (no tooling costs)
  • Customisation and flexibility as parts change
  • Design with a part for approval within 1 to 3 weeks
  • Mass production within 2 to 5 weeks (batches of 10 to 2000 units)
  • Flexibility and responsiveness

By entrusting us with your project, you are certain of obtaining sound advice from our technicians and benefiting from quality workmanship, your budget will be under control and our commitments adhered to.

REVOLUPLAST – your casings made differently – bespoke – with no tooling costs

Plastic working - Plastic machining and cutting

Plastic casings for electronics - Customised control boxes / HMIs - Plastic remote controls and control desks - Plastic housings - Plastic terminals and consoles - Plastic covers - Plastic enclosures and guards - Plastic front panels - plastic plates and panels - Plastic claddings

A world between 3D printing, standard casings and plastic injection moulding… discover a different approach to plastics manufacturing, which is perfect for runs of 10 to 5000 units.

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IT / Radio

IT / Radio

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

Instrumentation / Education

Instrumentation / Education

Laboratories / Cosmetics

Laboratories / Cosmetics

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Monitoring / Buildings

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Retail stores

Your casings made differently with no tooling costs

Revoluplast, a manufacturer of bespoke plastic casings and so much more, has been designing and producing bespoke casings of all kinds with no tooling costs for more than 30 years.

This design and production method offers you numerous options:

  • Your plastic casings will be made to your dimensions and required quantities (runs of 10 to several thousand units)
  • All our products are made using lightweight thermoplastics
  • The production costs and lead times are significantly reduced (no mould and very few design costs)
  • Options to modify or adapt your items between each production batch
  • Short manufacturing lead times (1 to 3 weeks for a prototype and 2 to 5 weeks for runs, depending on the various production stages)
  • A wide range of applications: industrial (electronics and IT), medical, instrumentation, alarms and security, retail store and building equipment...

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