Design of plastic parts to your dimensions

It is not always necessary to invest in a mould or tooling to produce bespoke plastic parts as quickly as possible!

We are specialists in the design and production of bespoke plastic parts.

Our modern machines allow us to manufacture small and medium quantities of parts without moulds using various plastic materials.

There are 2 possible solutions for machining and cutting plastic parts: milling or laser cutting for PMMA.

We will help you choose your materials based on the intended use of and environment for the part to be machined and transformed.

If its use is decorative, we can adapt and offer you a material with specific finishes or colours.

Wedges, mounts, machined-bent parts, front panels, faceplates, plates, small or large format... don’t wait: contact us, talk to us and we can examine your project together.


Revoluplast also means:

plastic working - plastic casings - plastic electronics casings - plastic housings - plastic machining - plastic boilermaking - no-mould plastics manufacturing

Examples of bespoke plastic parts