Specialist in plastic working

Since 1990, REVOLUPLAST has been designing and manufacturing without moulds, your plastic boxes, covers, bollards and covers, made at measure and at competitive prices.

Our expertise in plastic working for customised plastic parts manufacture goes beyond traditional know-how. In addition to thermoplastic sheet machining, laser cutting, bending and welding, we use innovative techniques to create unique parts, customised for each customer.

Our account manager and our technical department work closely with our customers to design, realise and build customised solutions for each application. Through to our great experience in assembling plastic structures and sub-assemblies, we are able to create high quality finished products from small to medium series.

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Plastic working

Plastic working is a manufacturing process which consist to cutting, hot bending and assembling elements from thermoplastic sheets to create  strong and lightweight plastic parts.

At REVOLUPLAST, we have the expertise of CNC machining technics, bending, folding, assembly and welding to work with a wide range of plastic materials, allowing us to produce customised parts, according to your functionality and aesthetic appeal requirements.

Our services include design, programme conception and custom parts manufacture

  • Cutting and machining of thermoplastic sheets on CNC milling or laser center
  • Bending and forming of plastic parts
  • Precise assembly by welding, gluing or screwing
  • Application of finishes (paint, varnish, EMC shielding)
  • Customised parts (engraving, silk-screening and four-colour digital printing)

By offering these services, we are able to meet the specific needs of our customers and provide plastic manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industrial and professional applications.

Plastic working has been our core business for more than 32 years

REVOLUPLAST is now a major role in this field.
It is a process that differs from others in the plastics manufacturing sector.
Tooling costs are minimised, or even reduced to zero. Design and production are more flexible and the design (or modification) and series production cycle is one of the fastest.

Everything starts with cutting and machining thermoplastic sheets (using CNC milling or laser cutting for thicknesses of 1.5 to 15 mm), more exceptionally up to 20 mm.
Then, each sub-assembly is thermoformed or hot bent, assembled or welded together, with just a few tenths tolerances.

Advantages of plastic working with REVOLUPLAST:

  • Financially ideal for short and medium runs (from ten to several thousand units).
  • Plastic materials: lightweight, insulating, permeable to radio waves or not
  • All our parts can be customised (cut-outs, shapes, colours and marking)
  • Better than a standard casing: adapt to your dimensions and with no reworking by machining
  • Flexibility in the case of changes between production launches
  • The depreciation costs and investment are kept low due to the absence of mould
  • The manufacturing lead times are short:
    • 1 to 3 weeks* for a qualification part
    • 2 to 5 weeks* for production series

* The lead time may vary depending on the complexity of the part and the various production stages.

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