Manufacturer of plastic enclosures and covers

REVOLUPLAST was founded by Eric GRESSET and Michel BOUDET in September 1990.
Since then, it has continually improved its techniques and equipment thanks to the expertise and involvement of its personnel.

As an expert in machining, plastic working, boiler making and plastic cladding, REVOLUPLAST often offers a good alternative to plastic injection, thermoforming, composite parts or even fine sheet metal work for small and medium-sized series. We can support you in the design and manufacture of your customised plastic parts, to meet your company’s specific needs.

Although plastic processing is often associated with moulding and the creation of tools, our manufacturing process allows us to produce your parts in series, without moulding costs.

To create customised plastic parts without moulding, it is important to take into accountthe specifics of your project.

Based on you requirement, our teams will propose the most suitable plastic material according to the mechanical, thermal and chemical constraints, as well as tolerances or finishes final requirements of your project.

This is why we invite you to submit a short description of your project via our online form  so that we can call you back shortly  to carry out an initial analysis of your project.


Our daily challenge: to offer cost-effective plastic solutions that effectively meet your needs.


  • A French company
  • More than 32 years’ experience
  • Over than 250,000 plastic parts produced every year
  • A team of 32 people with complementary skills
  • An available sales department able to discuss technical issues and ready to meet you
  • Technicians always looking for solutions
  • A short design manufacture cycle reduced and respected deadlines
  • High quality products
  • A large and varied stock of materials
  • All stages, from design to shipping are on the same site
  • A quality policy based on ISO 9001 certification

We attach great importance to clarity and accuracy in our correspondance, while minimising uncertainty, in order to meet your challenges.
We work with a spirit of mutual trust and responsiveness from the beginning to the end of your project.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus.