revoluplast plastic guard

The guard : a protective or trim function

A plastic guard for machines is necessarily bespoke and customised to your equipment.

But why not provide it with an identity-giving function, in addition to its technical function?

We manufacture customisable bespoke plastic guards, without a mould, which will allow you:

  • to have a protection that is perfectly suited to your equipment.
  • to stand out from your competitors.

Whatever your constraints, which are inherent to the use or environmental conditions, our experience will enable us to advise you and to produce a guard that closely matches your expectations and your specifications.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your guard, cover or plastic cladding project !

A Revoluplast bespoke plastic guard

The guard is an essentiel tool for guaranteeing the best possible protection for certain devices or equipments.

Therefore, a plastic casing guard must be made to measure to ensure its protective function, but also acts as a cover for the machine. It is for these reasons  that REVOLUPLAST, a specialist in no-mould plastics manufacturing, provides you with  its expertise in terms of designing and producing bespoke and fully customisable plastic guards at your disposal.

Each guard thereby enables you to benefit from maximum protection, which is perfectly adapted to your machines. Each guard model can be customised, it is possible for you to stand out from your competitors.

High-quality REVOLUPLAST guards

REVOLUPLAST's knowledge of various thermoplastic materials, combined with its unique expertise and technical competence in terms of plastic machining and working, enable it to design and manufacture a bespoke plastic guard, without moulds or tooling. The expertise of our team and their processes guarantee you high-quality plastic parts. Whatever your requirements, such as the thickness constraints requested by a particular guard model: our team will examine each request and try to find a solution. REVOLUPLAST’s professionalism is appreciated for the quality and variety of the services it offers, from the project study phase to production.

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