We offer you a wide range of options for customising your plastic parts:

Paint / Varnish

A comprehensive range of paints: RAL, Pantone and colour matched shades, PU, Acrylic, Varnish.

Different looks and textures: bright, matt, satin, smooth, textured (“raindrop” effect), Nextel® (velvet look), self-texturing.

EMC shielding

EMC shielding consists of reducing an electromagnetic field in the vicinity of an object by placing a barrier between the source of the field and the object to be protected.
The barrier must be made from an electrically conductive material. This shielding method is primarily used in electronic devices equipped with a plastic casing. It consists of covering the inside of the casing with metallic paint. We can offer you an interior paint in copper or nickel.


REVOLUPLAST has the latest computer graphic technologies allowing us to print your logo and customise your plastic parts in line with your style guide.

Silk-screen printing: a printing technique using stencils (silk screens) placed between the ink and the substrate.

Advantages: It allows a substantial quantity of ink to be deposited, which guarantees not only intense and long-lasting colour but also excellent opacity.

Digital printing: a reproduction technique enabling photo quality print to be produced from computer files.

Advantages: Digital printing technology makes rapid four-colour printing of small quantities possible.
The absence of tooling costs reduces printing costs above 2 colours and allows colours to be blended and more refined detail to be created.


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